The Science Behind Rebound Exercise

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Rebound Exercise"As with most forms of exercise, there is a scientific explanation behind the actions and health benefits of rebound exercise. It involves acceleration, deceleration and gravity. These three natural forces work together for a total body workout. Most exercises are horizontal, such as walking and jogging. Rebounding takes that energy and makes it vertical, which enables the benefits of gravity (G forces) to be incorporated for a greater positive impact on the body. The entire body is subjected to the forces of acceleration, deceleration and gravity.

Acceleration and Deceleration During Rebound Exercise

As we bounce upward our speed increases; we accelerate. When accelerating vertically, whether in a rocket ship or on a trampoline, we develop a greater G force.

At the bottom of a bounce we decelerate — our entire body stops. The vertical acceleration and deceleration combined with gravity increases the G forces felt in every cell in the body. When the body comes down and stops, for that split second the body experiences the combined effects of deceleration and gravity, and the body reacts as though someone has turned up the gravitational pull of the Earth. All this happens simultaneously at the bottom of a bounce.

Acceleration and deceleration, when lined up vertically, create the perfect opposition to gravity.

G-Force Changes During Rebound Exercise

When G forces are low, cells become weak. Cells become stronger when G forces are high. The cells in our body adjust to these changes in our environment by become individually stronger. In essence, the body can adjust to an environment of greater G force than the normal G force experienced by everyone else every day. Albert Carter details this affect on our body perfectly in The New Miracles of Rebound Exercise:

“At the bottom of the bounce, every cell in your body identifies the combination of the three forces simply as an increase in the gravitational pull of the earth, much the same way they would react if they experienced your living on a larger plant than the earth with a greater G force. This happens a hundred times a minute. At the top of the bounce, as gravity counteracts the combined forces of the change in velocity, you become weightless for a fraction of a second a hundred times a minute. All cells of your body immediately become weightless. Virtually all immediate structural stresses and pressure are eliminated from all of your cells all at once. Your cells depend upon the diffusion of water through their semi-permeable cell membranes to carry oxygen, nutrients, hormones, enzymes into the cell, and to flush out metabolic trash. The rate of diffusion of water into and out of the cells under normal conditions is 100 times the volume of fluid inside each cell each second. The oscillation of the cells of your body between an increase in G force and a no G force 200 times a minute increases the diffusion of water into each cell at least three fold! Nothing beats that kind of cellular cleansing.” (Carter)

Gravity’s Influence on the Body During Rebound Exercise

Gravity itself exerts influence on every cell in the body in two ways:

  1. It exerts a direct gravitational pull on each individual cell in the body.
  2. And atmospheric pressure in the human body occurs from all directions.

Because gravity is constantly trying to pull us down, our bodies must develop the strength to oppose the force of gravity. When we oppose the force of gravity we become strong. We have anti-gravity muscles that are strengthened by proper, vigorous exercise.

When G forces are low, cells become weak. Cells become much stronger when G forces are strong.

An Amish gentleman in one of Albert Carter’s seminar audiences sums it up this way: “… we have three natural forces available to us at no cost that we should use exercise effectively, but we haven’t been harnessing them right.”

How to Effectively Use Rebound Exercise

All this science is fascinating, but if means nothing if we don’t put it to work. Rebound exercise is a fun, diverse activity to add to your fitness program. There are a variety of steps and moves that will make your workout anything but boring. Rebounding provides some surprising health benefits, especially because it affects the human body at a cellular level. Anyone can benefit from rebound exercise, even the elderly, handicapped, sick or disabled. Be aware of what to look for when purchasing a rebounder to be sure you’re getting stable, reliable, long-lasting equipment.